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Your Community, Driven by You and Your Parish Council

Neighbourhood Planning – What’s it all about?


Shinfield Parish Council is setting out to produce a Neighbourhood Plan, in accordance with the Government’s Localism Bill, which hands new rights to local communities.

The Neighbourhood Plan, once accepted by the Local Planning Authority (LPA), has the power to affect the detail of decisions about the new developments that will take place in Shinfield parish over the next few years.

With the neighbourhood Plan in place, the local community will be able to influence the type and design of homes, the placing of schools, shops, services amenities and a whole range of other matters affecting us that are related to the new developments.

The Neighbourhood Plan will build upon the sterling work encapsulated in the Shinfield Parish Community Plan, which was published and launched at the end of 2011.

The Parish Council believes that it is essential that we undertake this project simply to ensure that our voice is heard. Without a Neighbourhood Plan we are entirely dependent on decisions taken by people who do not live here. We think this is wrong. The Parish Council has already unanimously voted in favour of proceedings with the plan at a recent meeting.

The new plan must reflect the local residents’ views and aspirations and in order to get it agreed through the LPA the Parish Council needs to prove that is has involved a wide range of individuals and organisations in the community through a consultation process.

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