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Posted on Mar 11, 2013 in Blog, News | 1 comment

M4 bridge and road loan

M4 bridge and road loan

University of Reading has been awarded a huge central government loan of £24.7 million to fund the construction of the eastern relief road and new motorway bridge over the M4 to open up the development of the Shinfield new homes sites and the first phase of the University Science Park.

The relief road already has planning permission and the loan will ensure it is now built at a very early stage in the development of Shinfield rather than relying on contributions from the new homes and commercial premises as they are built.

The news was covered by Get Reading and BBC News.

1 Comment

  1. I am interested if anyone else is concerned about the increase in noise, light pollution, destruction of the countryside and associated loss of wildlife and their habitats?
    The road will have to be built near to residents homes to prevent it being submerged by the natural flooding of the River Loddon and this small but traditional slice of countryside will become further fragmented and disengaged with the local community.
    The scale of development South of the M4 is huge and I am struggling to keep up with the number of planning applications and making any objections appears fruitless when applicants appeal; and win.
    I would love to know if local communities are really happy with all this development; are the council making any real effort to reach out to a wider audience and represent their views.
    To make my point a recent invite to ‘Wokingham Borough Council is hosting a workshop on shaping local communities in the strategic development locations (SDLs) on 16 April. (The South of the M4 SDL lies within Shinfield parish.) The workshop will focus on informing and shaping multi-use community buildings within the SDLs’. Workshop is on a Tuesday, during the middle of the day – limited demographic.

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