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Site Rules

Why Register?

Registration is only used so that you may provide your feedback on various pages within this site via the Post Reply area at the bottom of pages where it appears. Our Privacy Policy states that will will never provide your email address to any third party or send you unsolicited emails. Period.  If you want to receive our newsletter, you will need to sign up for this separately via our home page.

Site Rules

By accepting our rules, you agree that when you sign up to use this site that:

You May

  1. Use this site and it’s open comments facility to share your views to benefit the community

You Must

  1. Respect other users and their views
  2. Keep conversations to the original topic
  3. Accept that we have the right to delete your posts and/or account without notice or arbitration if you don’t adhere to the rules on this page

You Will Not

  1. Use obscene, defamatory or derogatory language when posting
  2. Post URLs within comments that try to sell or market any product or service
  3. Attempt to access areas of the site that you are not authorised to access

What We Will Do to Protect You

We promise that we will do everything within our power to monitor this site on a regular basis, acting as necessary when any of the rules are broken.  Specifically, we will:

  1. Keep the identity confidential of any user(s) raising a concern
  2. Delete comments and/or user accounts that break the above rules
  3. Update these rules as required

Want to Report A Problem?

If you are aware of any user comment that does not abide by the rules above, you may contact us using the form below and we will take the appropriate action.


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