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Embedded 3rd Party Content Test

Below is the web site page from Bellway for Mitford homes.

There are pros and cons of this “web site within a web site” method of publishing:


The host site can include content within its own site so that users

  1. have less clicks to manage
  2. don’t leave the host site
  3. don’t get confused when multiple tabs open in their browser
  4. always see the latest up to date content from the 3rd party (as opposed to copying content from the 3rd party stie to the host site)


Because the host site does not have any control over the layout of the 3rd party site

  1. Some sites will be wider than the host site page, meaning the visitor will have to scroll within the page
  2. The height cannot be easily set
  3. Users could become confused that they are still on the host site

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