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Sports & Recreation

We currently have insufficient sports provision for our existing sports clubs to operate efficiently and cater for all those wishing to participate. When the new developments start to be occupied then the problems can only get worse. The developers of new homes have to provide land and construct some additional sporting and recreation facilities. In order that this exercise is done in an effective way, the Parish Council has appointed PLC, a sports consultancy, to assess our current facilities and produce a blueprint for the future when our population increases from around 11000 to around 18000 residents. The consultants are currently contacting local sports clubs and schools to seek information from them, the report is likely to be finalised by May 2013 and then we will be able to consider the implications with developers and Wokingham Borough Council.

These plans will include the possible further development of Ryeish Green sports field and leisure centre along with areas allocated in developers plans for pitches and pavilions, the aim being to provide a comprehensive development of sports facilities that attempts to meet our current and future needs.

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